Forties at Four

Enjoy an hour of the best music from the Greatest Generation-- hit songs from the 1940’s -- with program host John Chapman, every Sat at 4:00 PM.

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Tom 'N' Alice Show

Weekday mornings at 7:35 AM father and daughter share a common bond with humorous exchange as they 'Agree to Disagree.'

The Scotty & Polly Show

Scotty Mack's request hour is every Tues, Wed & Thur 1-2 PM packed with 50's & 60's favorites

Ask Your Neighbor

Tom Nichols has been the trusted, steady voice behind "Ask Your Neighbor" Mon-Friday 10-11 AM for over 35 years.

Fabulous Friday

Tune in Friday mornings to compete in trivia contests to win great prizes from KVRE 92.9 FM sponsors.

Trivia Tuesday

Tune in on Tuesday morning to compete in trivia contests to win great prizes from KVRE 92.9 FM sponsors.

The Daily Dose Radio Show

Syndicated radio feature airing Mon-Friday at 2 P.M. 

Name that Sponsor

Call-in-to-Win Hard Cold Cash promotion Monday-Friday during Mornings with Tracy, and, Tues, Wed & Thur during the Scotty & Polly Hour.  

Mornings with Tracy

Start your day with Tracy Simpson for weather, allergy report, golf updates, road conditions and regional news.  You’ll love the eclectic music mix and conversation with Arkansas’ home town boy.  Gotta request? Call or email us at





Fall is Fountain Lake Football! Broadcast live with Tracy Simpson and Mark Oliver. Home and Away, Simpson & Oliver call play by play with excitement and energy.


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