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KVRE listeners who enjoy "The Scotty and Polly Show" and "The Forties at Four," will enjoy taking a trip down memory lane on Geezer Music Club, a blog devoted to nostalgia and music.  It's hosted by a gentleman who fills it with features about musical artists from the past, along with articles about bygone days.  The blog is a pleasant way to use the Internet for those of us who remember how things used to be.  Take a few minutes to visit with BG ("Big Geezer"), and see what he has to offer...then stop back once in a while to see what's new!

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Caddo River Festival invites the local community to come have a big time at the small town car show scheduled for April 28, 2018 in downtown Glenwood, Arkansas.

Thanks to the efforts of his grandson-in-law, Eric Parsons, Max Whisenant's legacy lives on in the Annual Car Show held in conjunction with Caddo River Festival.  This will be the second year for this memorial event honoring Mr. Whisenant's dedication to promoting the beauty of automobiles by showcasing them at Glenwood's yearly festival.  Mr. Whisenant was the backbone behind this car show for many years even back  when the festival was known as "Sawmill Days".  He continued to participant in the car show even when his health was failing. The annual event would not be what it is today without the efforts of Mr. Whisenant. He was a "car show enthusiast".   Mr. Whisenant is certainly remembered as having the flashiest car or cars in the show.  And, he always dressed to match the same "flare" of his automobiles.

This year the Car Show Committee is inviting all of those persons wishing to participate  to come out on April 27 for the Parade (lineup begins at 5:00 p.m. on Smokey Bear Lane).  Following the parade, there will be the 2nd Annual Memorial Max Whisenant Poker Run.

For more information or to register for the car show, visit, go to Caddo River Festival, and download forms under "Downloads".

We hope to see you all out at the car show and that you stay for all of the exciting fun and entertainment of Caddo River Festival.

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Have a Big Time at a Small Town Car Show

California Listener Wins Cash on KVRE 92.9 FM

Listener and call-in participant, Jack Joy of Hemet, California was the instant winner of cash on KVRE 92.9fm of Hot Springs Village.  Streaming Live at allows Joy to listen regularly.  Thursday, during the Scotty and Polly Request Hour, Jack with the fifth caller during the Name That Sponsor Show and upon hearing the list of sponsors, chose Levi Hospital. Miss Polly Nichols gave the Spin Wheel a swift turn and the indicator landed on his selection; making Joy an instant winner of $70.00.

Joy is a former Village resident and was proud to donate the monies to Jackson House in Hot Springs.  Tracy Simpson, morning show host, called in shortly thereafter, adding thirty dollars to increase the donation to an even one hundred dollars.  To date, KVRE has given away over $12,500 with one hundred sixty-five winners. 

KVRE 92.9fm has been streaming live for over two years which allows listeners from Florida to California to Alaska and beyond.  “We’ve had listeners from across the United States call in with song requests and anecdotes,’ said Alice Bates, General Manager.  “A vacationing listener phoned Ask Your Neighbor while in Puerto Vallarta, to say he heard us loud and clear.”  KVRE 92.9fm is also available on iTunes.

“I love oldies and the Scotty and Polly Request Hour is the only oldies program left in the nation, that I know of,’ said Joy.  ‘I try to stump them, but they always find the tune.  I listen to the station all day.”    Tune in to 92.9fm or visit KVRE at 

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Tom Nichols has been the trusted, steady voice behind "Ask Your Neighbor" Mon-Friday 10-11 AM for over 35 years.

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Tune in Friday mornings to compete in trivia contests to win great prizes from KVRE 92.9 FM sponsors.

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