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Tom 'N' Alice Show

Weekday mornings at 7:35 AM father and daughter share a common bond with humorous exchange as they 'Agree to Disagree.'

The Scotty & Polly Show

Scotty Mack's request hour is every Tues, Wed & Thur 1-2 PM packed with 50's & 60's favorites

Ask Your Neighbor

Tom Nichols has been the trusted, steady voice behind "Ask Your Neighbor" Mon-Friday 10-11 AM for over 35 years.

Fabulous Friday

Tune in Friday mornings to compete in trivia contests to win great prizes from KVRE 92.9 FM sponsors.

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Tune in on Tuesday morning to compete in trivia contests to win great prizes from KVRE 92.9 FM sponsors.

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Syndicated radio feature airing Mon-Friday at 2 P.M. 

Name that Sponsor

Call-in-to-Win Hard Cold Cash promotion Monday-Friday during Mornings with Tracy, and, Tues, Wed & Thur during the Scotty & Polly Hour.  

Mornings with Tracy

Start your day with Tracy Simpson for weather, allergy report, golf updates, road conditions and regional news.  You’ll love the eclectic music mix and conversation with Arkansas’ home town boy.  Gotta request? Call or email us at kvre.com





Fall is Fountain Lake Football! Broadcast live with Tracy Simpson and Mark Oliver. Home and Away, Simpson & Oliver call play by play with excitement and energy.


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Radiothon and Buckets Grant Wishes 

Hot Springs Village, AR: Make-A-Wish Mid-South is transforming the lives of critically ill children in Central Arkansas with two fundraisers on February 8th.  Hot Springs Village Wish Granters and Volunteers will be collecting donations at the East and West Gates from 9am-2pm. A Radiothon from 6am-7pm, will be headquartered at Windham Riverfront, Little Rock with various ways available for giving; including calling, online and drop-off locations. 

“Make-A-Wish Mid-South is one of 60 chapters nationwide and since founded in 1986, has granted more the 5,500 wishes,’ said Leslie Humphrey, Development Officer.  ‘There are currently 95 kids in central and south Arkansas in our wish pipeline. We have been fortunate with the generosity of Arkansans, to have the ability to honor so many wishes.  In doing so we continue the need to raise funds.” 

Melanie Pederson  of Hot Springs Village was instrumental in coordinating efforts  and contacted Tracy Simpson, KVRE 92.9fm  Morning Guy with a request to join forces in reaching an overall goal of gaining knowledge of becoming a Wish Granter and collecting donations.  Pederson said, “I’ve been involved with Make-A-Wish before I even moved to HSV.  Helping children and families during a difficult time helps us all.  People can even donate air miles; many are unaware.” More details are forth coming so area listeners are encouraged to tune into KVRE 92.9fm.  

Visit http://midsouth.wish.org for your opportunity to learn of drop off locations in Benton, Conway and Little Rock.  You can transform the lives of critically ill children and create joy! Call 501.376.9474 to give.  

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Fountain Lake Football!

Make-A-Wish® Mid-South granted 259 wishes last fiscal year - each one a life-affirming testament to hope, inspiration and resilience. Wishes strengthen wish kids and their families, rally communities together, and change the lives of everyone involved. Experience the stories of those who know firsthand the power of a wish come true.

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Forties at Four

Enjoy an hour of the best music from the Greatest Generation-- hit songs from the 1940’s -- with program host John Chapman, every Sat at 4:00 PM.

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