Scotty Mack

KVRE Production Manager & Afternoon Announcer. Past experience includes radio Announcer. Scotty enjoys being a DJ for dance events and car racing. He participates in the VFW Post in Hot Springs and the American Legion in Little Rock.

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Scotty Mack

  Annie Dyer

KVRE Operations Manager. Past Administrator of Prairie Meadows Alzheimer's Special Care Center; Omaha, NE.  Prior Promotional Director and Sales for KSYZ 107.7 FM; Grand Island, NE. Annie enjoys playing outside and singing.  

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Annie Dyer
Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Big Logo

  John Chapman

KVRE Announcer. Past experience includes college radio / TV and KVRE on-air talent. John enjoys bicycling, history, archeology and amateur radio. He participates in the Ouachita Chapter of the Arkansas Archeology Society and the HSV Amateur Radio Club. 

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - John Chapman

  Judy Scott

Advertising Consultant 



Kvre 92.0 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Judy Scott

  Alice Bates

KVRE Assistant Manager. Daughter of Tom and Polly Nichols, born in Hot Springs Alice grew up in radio. Member of Scenic 7 Rotary and the Jessieville School District Fountain.

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Alice Bates

I have been helping clients reach KVRE's loyal audience for over 20 years. The success of each client I serve is my greatest satisfaction. When not working, I enjoy time with my retired husband Jim and my daughter and grandchildren. Call or email me, I'll help you advertise on KVRE today!

  Polly Nichols

Co-Owner/General Manager. Polly is a native of Hot Springs,Arkansas where she was active in drama during high school and received a scholarship to TCU.  Polly is credited for her dream of KVRE 92.9, originating in 1994, where she has served as General Manager and Sales Manager.    

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Polly Nichols
Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Tune in Now!

  Mark Oliver

KVRE Football Reporter. Passion for radio sports drove him to graduate with Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism. One year later he was approached with the opportunity to broadcast Fountain Lake football games and the rest is history.

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Mark Oliver

  Diane R. Upchurch

KVRE News Director. Past experience includes Reporter for the HSV Voice and Inside Hot Springs Village as well as radio shows on KWUF 106.1 FM CO and 95.9 FM AZ. Diane loves to read, write, sing and help others. She participates in the Village Chorale, Heifer Club, Rotary Club of North Garland County and HSV Community Foundation.

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Diane R. Upchurch

KVRE 92.9 FM Sales Team

Scott was born in Perryville, AR. He has lived in Hot Springs Village for eight years. He was an Operations Manage for Wayne Smith Trucking before coming to KVRE. He is on the Advisory Council for Cedar Mountain Boys & Girls Club as well as youth football coach for Fountain Lake.

  Tom Nichols

Co-Owner/General Manager. In 1980, Tom and wife, Polly, established KWXI AM, the first station in Glennwood and Pine County, Arkansas and later added KWXE FM. In 1994, Tom and Polly launched KVRE 92.9 FM in Hot Springs Village, AR. Tom and Polly ran all three stations, eventually selling KWXI and KWXE.  

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Tom Nichols

  Tracy Simpson

KVRE On Air / Marketing. Simpson is a Hot Springs Arkansas native and has been with KVRE for nearly two years.  He is advidly involved with the Paul Bewie Boys and Girls Club as well as area youth in Fountain Lake School.  He has a heart for giving back to his community.

Kvre 92.9 Fm Radio - Hot Springs Village - Tracy Simpson

Scott Wurz

Advertising Consultant




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